Linda S. Clement Piano Studio
Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, Music Teachers National Association
130 East 1500 South
Bountiful, UT 84010
cell: 801-971-5349
home:  801-295-0546

My Teaching Philosophy

I love to teach! I have pleasant and happy memories of my childhood piano teachers. I positively encourage correct habits and seek to instill a consistent work ethic.  I believe that three of the greatest skills I will teach my students are sight reading, how to read rhythms, and turning notes into expressions of their hearts.  I seek to patiently help the child at their own pace.  Kindness and respect are the basis for our relationship.

My job as a teacher is to prepare the student for playing and practicing success at home.  I spend a large part of the lesson preparing the students for their new pieces. We do simple exercises in a logical, step by step manner that prepare them to play the piece successfully.  This helps the student stay motivated and progress more quickly. Older students that have a secure foundation in reading can focus their efforts in fine tuning, rather than spending most of their time trying to figure out the notes and rhythms.

Music in the form of playing the piano is such a useful and enjoyable skill.  I like to give the student a choice in the music he plays. While weekly pieces may come and go quickly, the pieces that are to be learned for performance are chosen by the student. I like to find pieces that they are excited to learn!

Students come with varying degrees of talent and learning ability.  I believe that every child can learn and progress.  With patience on the part of the teacher and the parent, and consistency in playing the skills taught, every child will improve daily and learn to play.