Royal Conservatory Music Development

The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program is an international evaluation program.  In about the 4th year of study, my students have the option of participating in these assessments.  The repertoire and etude books are graded, with a wide variety of baroque, classical, romantic and modern pieces.  I have been extremely pleased with the quality of music published in these books.  Each student learns technique skills, ear training skills, sight reading, and plays a variety of memorized pieces.  Their playing is then assessed by a professional judge at the University of Utah.  A separate adjudication process is completed for theory testing.  Levels Preparatory through Level 4 are playing assessments only.  Levels 5-7 include companion theory assessments, and levels 8-10 include companion music history assessments. 


On the website for the RCMDP, you will find this:

What is the Music Development Program?

The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program provides a recognized national standard of musical success through an effectively sequenced course of study from beginner to advanced levels. The Music Development Program inspires excellence through individual student assessments and allows students to celebrate accomplishment and track their progress with others across the country. It also supports teachers with high-quality and innovative resources. All students deserve the opportunity to celebrate their musical achievements nationally. Join the growing community of teachers, students, and families who are discovering the benefits of the Music Development Program as it enriches their lives!

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