Studio Recitals - Each student participates in at least two recitals per year.  In the fall we play duets, and 3rd year students and older are encouraged to have a student partner.  In the Spring, each student learns and memorizes two solo pieces, and performs them for parents and friends.  It is wonderful to see each student's progress year after year.

Utah Federation of Music Clubs (UFMC) Festival - This is an adjudicated festival in which three piano teachers outside of the piano studio judge individual students or ensembles.  There are two festivals that I regularly enter students:  the solo festival and the duet festival.  My students are required to participate in the solo festival after about two years of study.  They love hearing the great things the judges have to say about their playing, and they get some good suggestions as well.  In addition, they can earn a "Gold Cup," after completing certain requirements.  In the duet festival, students do not memorize their pieces, but play with a partner at the piano.  This provides a new dimension over solo playing, and they learn important ensemble skills, which include listening to and staying with the partner, learning to balance dynamics between partners, and learning how to communicate to effectively practice and perform.  But, most of all, it is a lot of fun, because it is social!  The duet "Gold Cup" is a separate division with a separate award.

Studio Evaluations - Students are evaluated once per year in the areas of technique skills, sight reading, theory, and ear training.  The first two skills are evaluated by another qualified piano teacher.  The theory and ear training skill tests are administered in-studio. 

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