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The Linda Clement Piano Studio offers private and group piano instruction in performing, theory, technique, sight reading, ear training, music history, and beginning harmonization.  We are located in Bountiful, Utah, and can teach a variety of genres, including classical, pop, rock, and easy listening.


While you are researching the best studio for you, please consider benefits of becoming a member of the Linda Clement music studio and find out why we are a top choice for you.


11 Benefits of joining:

1.   Private and Group Piano Lessons

      Music lessons are individualized to your needs and aspirations.  Our music teacher is dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and helping you achieve them. She is creative in discovering your learning style and pace and is dedicated to teaching you the styles of music that you want to learn in your music lesson.

2.   Highly Qualified Teacher   

      Linda Clement has bachelor's degree in piano pedagogy from Weber State University.  She is always looking for new and better ways to educate her students.  Her experience of over 25 years helps you achieve your goals more easily!

3.   A proven track record of excellence.  

      Visit the thumbtack review page link to see what customers are saying.  Linda Clement has been certified with the Utah Music Teachers and National Music Teachers Associations since 1994, and is a member of UFMC, and the Royal Conservatory Music Development program.  https://www.thumbtack.com/ut/bountiful/piano-lessons/piano-lessons

4.   Graded Curriculum 
      The theory, technic, and ear training curriculum has been carefully designed to help your student progress in a logical, step by step fashion.  The teacher understands the gaps that exist in some programs, and has eliminated those stumbling blocks.  She works with each student at their pace and comprehension level.

5.   Recital Performances

      Two or three Recitals each year to showcase your child’s achievements!  Recitals are often held at the Bountiful Davis Art Center, local libraries or music store recital halls.  

6.   Adjudicated Festivals and Level Achievement

      We are a member of the Royal Conservatory Music Development program, the Utah Federation of Music Clubs (UFMC), and we hold yearly studio evaluations in theory, ear training, technic, and sight reading.  This provides a way for you or your child to mark progress and achievement.  The theory curriculum has been designed to help students learn in a logical step-by-step manner.  Trophies, wrist bands, and certificates are earned in the studio, in festivals and evaluations.

7.   Organized Calendaring and Planning

      Term calendars are clearly published before the term begins, via Google Docs.  Students and parents are notified regularly via email of upcoming events throughout the term.

8.  Parental Involvement Encouraged

      Parents are welcome at private lessons and encouraged to take part in the learning process.  This ensures that students continue to learn at home.


9.   Various Lesson Times

      Early morning lessons are available before school, as early as 6 am, after school, as well as slots during the day for home schoolers or retirees.

10.   Month to Month lessons.  We do not require you to pay by the semester for lessons.  Clients pay by the month.

11. We have FUN!

      Our group classes encourage a spirit of team and individual expression, and there is a lot of laughing and learning.  Students playing in duet teams love the social element of playing with a partner.  Come see what makes us different!

Group and Private Lessons!

             Royal Conservatory Level 7 trophy!

Regular recitals, festivals, evaluations, awards, trophies!

     Students of Linda Clement with their UFMC trophies!

This successful team brought home a Superior rating!


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